Bemidji Veterans Memorial
monument rendering

Current Project: Commanding Monument

The Bemidji Veterans Memorial monument will serve at the largest piece of the current memorial, standing at more than 8-feet high. This commanding, naming stone, will be constructed using Minnesota-based Mesabi Black granite from a quarry near Babbitt, MN, by Coldspring, a company with a history that dates back to 1898. When the US entered World War II, Coldspring, known then as Cold Spring Granite Company, pursued war contracts and converted its plants to handle steel instead of stone, and workers who had been quarrymen, became welders. The company manufactured ships bottoms and hull sections, among other things, for the war.

The Bemidji Veterans Memorial monument consists of three panels and an embedded bronze medallion. With the name of the monument “Bemidji Veterans Memorial” engraved prominently, the large center panel stands approximately 8’ 6” above ground and is made of thick polished Mesabi Black granite. It also features an embedded bronze medallion. The custom designed bronze medallion is embedded above the monument’s name on the center panel and reflects a custom designed Great Seal of the United States. The left panel, consisting of polished and sanded Mesabi Black granite, reflects a vertical US flag. The right panel, made of thick sanded Mesabi Black granite, is a shorter piece that pays tribute with the engraved message “Honoring Those Who Served” to complete the monument.

To make a tax-deductible donation in support of the addition of the Commanding Monument, click here.